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Small Theaters
Are you a theater looking to increase artistic collaboration while saving rehearsal time and reducing costs?
Playwrights will be able to hear their script changes immediately. Directors have fluid, private communication with writers and actors. Stage managers can send blocking notes that survive re-writes. Small companies benefit from streamlined collaboration and the time saved by no longer copying script revisions, or pausing rehearsals for re-writes.

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Large Theaters + Festivals
Do you produce large productions of new plays and/or classics?
The larger your production team the more Scriptopia saves you in time and money. Shakespeare productions are offered a huge advantage with our digitally formatted Shakespeare canon ready for immediate adaptation and rehearsal.

With Scriptopia, you start with a solid foundation and as you build the production you have a history of the adaptation.

Individual Artists
Do you do independent projects or gather collaborators to read or develop your work?
Cost-free distribution of scripts and immediate distribution of re-writes puts everybody on the same page saving rehearsal time and money. Actors' lines are automatically highlighted and private notes remain across re-writes. Leveraging technology frees independent artists by allowing them more time to focus on their work and craft.

Are you an educational isntitution struggling with budget cuts for the arts and looking for new ways to engage your students?
Scriptopia egnages youth in theater and bridges the gap between tradition and the future of play development. It saves teachers and directors time when doing classics while giving students access to the latest version of the script anywhere, anytime from a computer or smartphone. Student productions can be supported while minimizing costs.